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About Me.

Danny Smart is an emerging talent in the world of audio engineering, bringing a fresh perspective and a passion for music to his work. Hailing from Barnsley, England and now based at Halo Studios in Hamilton, Danny's recent foray into the industry has been marked by a remarkable ability to capture and enhance the authenticity of analog sounds, infusing his work with a sense of nostalgia and warmth.


Despite being relatively new to the field, his dedication and innovative approach have already garnered attention, leading to collaborations with established artists such as Coney Hatch and Envy of None, as well as local acts like Lee Reed and Sessions.


Danny's background as an artist himself provides him with a unique insight into the creative process, allowing him to approach audio engineering with a fresh and intuitive perspective. His commitment to preserving the essence of analog sounds while incorporating modern influences sets him apart as a promising talent on the rise in the industry.

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